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Theme: Marine Biodiversity in Adversity: Asian and Global Perspectives

Local Scientific and Organizing Committee:
Chancellor Liza D Corro
University of the Philippines Cebu
Assoc. Dean Anthony S Ilano
University of San Carlos
Prof. Porfirio M Aliño, Prof. Helen T Yap, Ret. Prof. Miguel Fortes, Prof. Gil Jacinto, Prof. Nemesio E Montaño, Asst. Prof. Hazel Arceo and Dr. Maria Vanessa Baria-Rodriguez
University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute

Cebu, the host city of the 3rd SCESAP International Symposium, is a melting pot of bountiful nature and diverse culture. Situated in the central part of the Philippines that sits at the apex of the Coral Triangle, it showcases a vibrant cultural mix of the East and the West, the historical and the modern eras, and a marine biodiversity unsurpassed in many ways. The international symposium will highlight the latest research in all aspects of coastal marine science, offering an opportunity for a productive exchange among scientists working around the Western Pacific. Invited plenary speakers, paper and poster presentations as well as relevant workshops will be featured.

The city is an international travel hub with excellent domestic and international direct flight connections from most major Asian cities as well as Australia, the US West Coast
and the Middle East. Coastal ecosystems of interest are easily accessible and promise to offer outstanding opportunities for symposium-related trips.

Further detailed information will be made available in the next issue of the SCESAP Bulletin as well as in the SCESAP official homepage:   http://www.scesap.org/events.html

It’s going to be a wonderful 3rd SCESAP International Symposium in Cebu.

UP Cebu and faculty of National Sun Yat Sen University (Taiwan)

Chancellor Liza Corro delivers her opening remarks for UP Cebu and National Sun Yat Sen University (Taiwan) professors at the UP Cebu audio-visual room on Monday, 23 October 2017. The two universities are slated to work in joint academic ventures.
Discussion between faculty of UP Cebu and faculty of National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan at the UP Cebu audio-visual room.






UNU-IIGH Global Health Seminar

At the UP Cebu Professional Schools: Dr. Obijiofor Aginam, Deputy Director of United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health tells delegates to the Global Health Seminar for Young Professionals to be ready to come up with creative proposals to solve the challenges facing planetary health.



UP Executive Vice President Ted Herboso, former health undersecretary: Health is the most searched term on Google, next to sex. Tax on tobacco should be higher. The revenues can be used promote health literacy via the internet. Taxes on beverages need not be raised. That is okay if the problem is obesity. But many of our poor take soft drinks as cheap sources of calories.


Prof. Dr. Romeo Falcon Quijano: Health is a complete state of harmony between human beings and the environment.


Dr. Obijiofor Aginam, deputy director, United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health: See yourselves as ambassadors of planetary health. Think of how you can make a difference for the planet in your communities… Nobody can teach you sustainability. It is something you have to live yourselves.


A group of delegates to the Global Health Seminar organized by the Rockefeller Foundation and United Nations University Institute for Global Health (UNU-IGH) speak about strategies to build interconnections in the practice of planetary health on Oct. 13, 2017, with Prof. Dr. Weena Gera and Dr. Obijiofor Aginam, UNU-IGH deputy director in the foreground. The presentation was the culmination of the three-day event at the UP Cebu Professional Schools, South Road Properties, Cebu City.


BSCS student qualifies for Google/Udacity scholarship



Tehillah Leigh Lapura, a junior BS Computer Science student has qualified for the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship sponsored by Google.

She’s 1 of 100 recipients of the scholarship worldwide, and 1 of only 2 scholars from the Philippines.

This new scholarship provides the opportunity for women to earn online certification in Android Basics, Android Developer, Front-End Web Developer and Full-Stack Developer, all courses co-designed by Google experts, and includes opportunities for women at multiple skill levels. Benefits include special access to a community of Googlers and a cross-cohort global online community. Upon completion of the Nanodegree within one year, scholars will receive certification from Udacity, a certificate of completion from Women Techmakers, a resume review by a Googler, and more.

More details about the program can be read here:



UNU – IIGH Global Health Seminar, 11 – 13 October 2017



Be a UP Cebu Peer Facilitator!


GAD Main streaming in schoolsand other wellness activities


Final Book of Abstracts of the Philippine Sociological Society’s conference

From Prof. Dr. Phoebe Zoe Maria Sanchez:

Final Book of Abstracts of the Philippine Sociological Society’s conference to be held in UP Cebu from 5 to 7 October 2017. Click Here to download.

September 2017 UP Cebu appointments


The Time for Talk is Over: Edible Landscapes and Road Sharing

From Prof. Dr. Weena Jade Gera: This Thursday, 28 September 2017, 2.30-5pm, let’s join one of Asia’s most respected voices for ecological stewardship, Atty. Antonio “Tony” A. Oposa, Jr.* in consolidating our ideas to address pressing urban concerns of congestion, urban poverty and hunger, urban flooding, among others, through edible landscapes and road sharing.
Together with the UP Cebu Student Council and the Environmental Politics and Governance class, we are inviting the youth to this collective action of shifting the economic mindset from the present egocentric model of mindless extraction and consumption, to the inclusive model of conservation, protection and restoration.
*In 1993, Atty. Oposa made headlines worldwide for his role in the landmark case Oposa v. Factoran, where the Philippine Supreme Court held that a group of minors had the right to sue on behalf of succeeding generations because every generation has a responsibility to the next to preserve nature. In 1997, Atty. Oposa was awarded the highest United Nations honor in the field of environment: the UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honor. “For his path-breaking and passionate crusade to engage Filipinos in acts of enlightened citizenship that maximize the power of the Law to protect and nurture the environment, for themselves, their children, and generations yet unborn,” In 2009, he received the Ramon Magsaysay Award.