General guidelines for the High School Admission Test (HSAT)

Photojournalism students with Dr. Aurelio Vilbar, UP High School Cebu, principal. Photo courtesy of Prof. Kim Bondoc.

Photojournalism students with Dr. Aurelio Vilbar, UP High School Cebu, principal. Photo courtesy of Prof. Kim Bondoc.

A. About UP High School Cebu’s Democratized Admission Policy

The University of the Philippines has adopted a policy of democratized admission for students in the high schools of the UP System. Under this concept, “every high school in UP is a program for helping economically disadvantaged but deserving students gain access to tertiary level education in UP.”

Pursuant to this policy, UP High School Cebu admits Grade 7 students from low-income families. As such, the High School is an experimental laboratory for innovative teaching strategies designed to better prepare these deserving students for access to tertiary education, particularly in the UP System where they can avail of subsidized education through the socialized tuition program.

B. Schedule of Admission Activities

February 27, 2014 – Last day for filing of HSAT application
February 28, 2014 – Giving out of test permits

March 1, 2014 – HSAT (High School Admission Test)

March 10, 2014 – Giving out of official results to each examinee
April 3, 2014 – Pre-enrollment of qualifiers
April 4, 2014 – Pre-enrollment of waitlisted qualifiers

C. Qualifications for Admission

To qualify for the HSAT, an applicant must:

1. be an elementary school graduate by March 2014;
2. not have previously studied in another high school;
3. have an average grade of 85% or better in Math, Science, English/Reading, Civics/Social Studies, and Filipino subjects at the time of filing of application;
4. have a conduct grade of B or its equivalent; and
5. come from a family whose annual gross income is P250,000.00 or less.

D. Supporting Documents Required

NOTE: Submission of requirements and filling out of application forms are done from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. only, from Monday to Friday.

1. Two (2) copies of RECENT 2 x 2 colored or black and white photo with the applicant’s full name written at the back;
2. A certified true copy of grades (signed by the Principal or the Adviser) of the latest grading period (NOTE: A photocopy without the original signature of the Principal or the Adviser will not be honored.);
3. A copy of the annual BIR Income Tax Returns or W-2 of the latest year (2012) for both parents/ single parent;
4. A certification of “No fixed income” from the BIR, if one parent or both parents are not working;
5. A copy of the business tax of the latest year (2012) for those engaged in business;
6. A copy of the contract for OFW parents; and
7. A clear vicinity sketch or map of the applicant’s residence

E. Steps in the Application Process

1. The applicant, together with his/her parent, submits the following to the receiving clerks (Norren or Alice):

  1. complete documents;
  2. long folder; and
  3. fastener

Applicants who are not accompanied by his/her parent/parents will not be entertained.

2. The applicant fills out the HSAT Application Form.
3. A faculty member then a) checks if the application form is properly filled out, b) interviews the applicant, and c) interviews the accompanying parent/guardian.
4. The accompanying parent signs the sworn statement on the HSAT Application Form.

IMPORTANT: UP High School Cebu may refuse acceptance of incomplete documents or improperly filled out forms. Also, it reserves the right to perform a social investigation (SI), if needed, to verify the accuracy and veracity of the information submitted by the applicant.

F. Fees

An application fee of two hundred pesos (P200.00) must be paid by the applicant.

G. Coverage of the High School Admission Test (HSAT)
The HSAT is administered using the English language (except for the section on Filipino) and covers the following subjects:
1. Mental Ability
2. English
3. Filipino
4. Mathematics
5. Social Studies
6. Science

You may download a copy of this document here.