Beautiful UP: a place to stay in

Beautifying the grounds of the University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) is designed to make it attractive to the academic community and the public, a school official said.

“The first impression always lasts,” said Prof. Juanito Karl Roque, UP Cebu’s associate dean for administration.

“Even if you had a good product but you don’t package it well, it’s difficult to market it.”

The beautification project, which began soon after Dean Liza Corro assumed office last Jan. 30 turned the UP Cebu scenery, once littered with dried leaves and rocks into a mini-park featuring study kiosks or tambayans, benches and landscapes with stone paths.

The physical aspect of the university is what people see first, Roque said. This should reflect what a premier university can offer: the best professors and students.

The proposal for beautification took 12 years to realize as part of the administration’s vision to use aesthetics as a tool to build UP Cebu’s image. Funds amounting to P400,000 were taken from the university’s 2011 and 2012 budgets.

Landscaping materials such as the soil for filling were taken from the former soccer ground behind the Cebu Cultural Center. Plants from around the Library Building were transplanted in the landscaped areas.

Fourth year mass communication student Emelliene Acosta said the improved environment made the campus more conducive for learning.

“UP now has a lot more green and tambayans which make it more appealing for students to stay in,” Acosta said.

As part of the project, 20 benches will be added to the campus grounds./CHRISTINE ESTRELLA AND UP CEBU PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE