SSC Accomplishment Report 2016




1. API on Curriculum Development & Institution of Masters in International Studies

The API was about Global Research and asking participants to write a syllabus for their proposed course to this graduate program. One of the outcomes was the suggestion from Prof. Maria Anna Rowena Layador on having a tie up with FSI for possible graduate practicum at FSI. Dr. Belinda Espiritu already submitted a syllabus for International communication course. Other participants have committed to submit a syllabus or two from their area of expertise. The participants were also able to identify what possible courses can be offered in the graduate program. The said API was held on February 19-21, 2016.

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2. UP High Cebu Gains Victory In the 2016 Regional and National ICT Wizards

Glendale Boholano, a student of Grade 10 –Palma brought home another laurel for UP High as the champion in the 2016 Battle of the ICT Wizards Regional Finals held on January 29 at Informatics College Cebu and third in the National Level held on February 12, 2016 at Sen. Renato “ Campanero” Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School.
The awardee was coached by Prof. Jeraline Gumalal for photoshop and Prof. Hazel Trapero for ICT component. The school maintained its expertise in maximizing the students skills in Technology and other related fields.


3. Physics Olympics 2016 Champion

UP High School Cebu was declared the OVERALL CHAMPION in the recently concluded Physics Olympics sponsored by the Carolinian Physics Society (PhySoc) in partnership with the University of San Carlos’ Department of Physics, last 9 February 2016. UP High bested 12 other distinguished high schools in Cebu! The following are the awards:
1st Place – Best Physics Photo
1st Place – Best Photo in TC
2nd Place – Best Physics Video
4th Place – Physics Challenge
Grade 10
Marieve Gillian Aldemita, Jennybeth Amancio, Mariau Beltran, Glendale Boholano, Gale Char Dayce Catubig, Jericho James Cayon, Esel Nanci Heeler, Princess Elizabeth Hong, Dave Vincent Padilla, Crispaul John Rubi, Kate Lizley Sanchez, Maica Ella Selerio, Kent Sotes, Job Van Yap
Grade 9
Gibert Abella, Anna Marie Eunice Dinglasa, Jeff Erl Layahin, Leandro Nadonza, Mary June Ricaña, Chenny Mae Son, Mark Lester Virtucio
Accompanying Coaches:
Prof. Kim Bondoc and Prof. Jeraline Gumalal

4. First Runner-Up in the Inter-Secondary School Math Quiz Bowl
Rod Darcy Cordova and John Lark Wong both from Grade 9 – Benton won 1st runner-up in the Inter-Secondary School Math Quiz Bowl on February 12, 2016. The students were trained and coached by Engr. Roberto Basadre .


MARCH 2016

1. API on Human Potential Development Workshop – Health Work

Human Potential Development (HPD) uses the Humanistic and Gestalt Perspective to facilitate growth in individuals by working with the self group sessions. HPD introduces new methods and tools than can be used in teaching of Psychology. The objective of the said workshop was to increase the capacity of the PE and Health faculty in incorporating new trends in the teaching of PE and Health. The workshop was also open to other faculty members to acquaint with the HPD and introduce them to the methods and teaching tools of HPD. The said workshop was held on March 14-16, 2016.

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2. Attendance to International Conference/Paper Presentation

Prof. Anna Marie Talam had a paper presentation entitled “ A Journey of Bundles and Tasks: From Hinterland to the City’s Marketplace” during the 2016 International Conference on Business and Social Sciences (ICBASS) at Kyoto, Japan on March 29-31, 2016.



JUNE 2016


1. As a Graduate University:
1. The Master of Education (M. Ed) program has 38 students graduated last June 29, 2016. Of the 38, 1 was Biology majors, 10 were English majors, 13 were Mathematics majors, 5 were Physics majors, and 9 were Social Studies majors.
2. The Psychology program has 31 students graduated last June 29, 2016. Among the 31, 5 were Cum Laude.
3. The Political Science Program has 23 students graduated last June 29, 2016. Among the 23, 2 were Cum Laude.
2. Intensify Research:

Prof. Anna Marie Talam presented a research paper entitled “Weathering the ‘Push and Pull’ Factors of Labor Migration: Filipinos Across East Asian Borders” during the 2016 SEAA (Society for East Asian Anthropology) Hong Kong Conference held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on June 19-22, 2016.




1. World Lecture Series

UP Cebu held the ASEAN and the World Forum on August 24th and August 25th, 2016. The rationale for this two-day forum hosted by the UP Cebu Social Sciences Cluster and the Office of International Linkages at UP Cebu was to help prepare, innovate, and promote the drive of UP Cebu to offer a Masters of Global Studies (MSG) degree and program by demonstrating UP Cebu’s high caliber international linkages and capabilities. It also had the aim of inspiring a new generation of Filipinos to get ready for the practical challenges that the Philippines face in an increasingly interdependent and globalized world environment by addressing important global subjects.

The ASEAN and the World Forum was organized by the Social Science Cluster’s Visiting Prof. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. It is the inaugural forum of the UP Cebu Global Studies Series, which UP Cebu envisions as an annual event. The UP Cebu Global Studies Series is UP Cebu’s customized edition or adaptation of the UP System’s World Expert Series, which is generously funded by the Office of the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and the Office of International Linkages of the UP System.

Students and faculty members from UP Cebu, the University of Cebu, the University of San Carlos, Cebu Normal University, Cebu Doctors’ University, and other local universities were joined by members of the public and NGOs for this event that saw some exceptional world-class speakers share their expertise over two days composed of five lectures and two sets of open forum and interactive dialogue. The event was broadcast over a feed and the University of the Philippines Political Science Society gave frequent live updates over the internet. The lecturers consisted of:

Dr. Christos Theodoropoulos, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, University of Ottawa; Dr. Sun Lizhou, Southwest University of Political Science and Law and the Tsinghua University; Dr. Dimitri della Faille, University of Québec in Outaouais; Sister Nirmalá, Women’s Welfare Department of Ananda Marga and a member of the Progressive Utilization Theory Institute; and Madame Armi Lopez Garcia, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation, President Philippine-Russian Business Assembly, President of Armson, and the incorporator of the Sun.Star Publication Network.

All of these speakers gave valuable insights about important topics. In the process of organizing the forum, important linkages were made with the diplomatic community and relevant stakeholders. Madame Garcia, who helped arrange for an academic agreement between the University of San Carlos and the Russian Academy of Labor and Social Relations, pledged at the forum to secure a similar arrangement for UP Cebu. Discussions were also started on establishing a linkage between the United Nations and UP Cebu and to secure funding from the European Union for university projects and the MSG. The event was concluded with a Fellowship Dinner hosted at the City Sports Club Cebu.

Faculty and students greatly appreciated the depth and scope of the discussion, including the cordial disagreements between some of the speakers that demonstrated the spirit of scholarship. The forum’s attendance also went beyond the holding capacity of the venue. Its drive to get interested students to register themselves as potential MGS candidates was a success; approximately fifty students registered, which is twice the number of students needed to offer the MGS.




2. UPHS Conducts Parent Orientation to Grade 11 and Grade 7
Last August 8, Monday , UP High School Faculty, parents and PTA Officers convened for the Parent-students orientation for school year 2016-2017. This is an annual activity of UP High School to orient the students and parents of the institutional policies of the school and the necessary preparation of the students to succeed academically and for the parents to provide support to their children.
An oath of dedication was uttered by the teachers , students and parents at the end of the program. The participants went home with much hope that the school year will be successful as they all wished it to be.




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