Monthly Accomplishment Report – January 2017

January 2017
Central Visayas Studies Center (CVSC) Report


1. Research Updates

1. As of January 2017, 5 published researches were reported to the research office: 3 ISI/scopus-indexed and 2 in peer-reviewed, non-ISI journals.

Four faculty members reported the publications. The following are:

ISI/Scopus-index Publications-January 2017

ISI/Scopus-index Publications-January 2017

Peer-reviewed, non-ISI Publications-January 2017

Peer-reviewed, non-ISI Publications-January 2017


1. Workshops/seminars

1. The research team attended the UP Cebu Strategic Planning last 5-6 January 2016 in the UP Professional Schools.

2. The research staff and director attended the Academic Program Improvement of the College of Social Sciences in City Sports Club Cebu last 20 January 2017. The activity, “Developing Linkages with International Collaborators, Industry and Government Partners,” was conducted by Dr. Diane Chambers of the University of Notre Dame Australia.

2. Activities assisted

1. With the director as the head of the Search Committee, the research staff assisted the consultations for the Search for the First Dean of School of Management. The consultations were conducted last 18 January 2017 in the UP Cebu AVR 1.