Projects and Suppliers

Documentation for Projects Worth a least PHP 500,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Clone Computers, Laptops, Netbooks and Tablets for UP Cebu
Supply and Delivery of IBM SPSS Statistics Base Authorized User License + SW Subscription and Support for 12 Months for 34 Users for Sciences Cluster (Math Program) Class Use
Janitorial Services
Supply and Delivery of Projectors for UP Cebu
Security Services
Notice to Proceed for Projects Worth Below PHP 500,000.00
Supplier Project Contract Price Date
Metos Offshore Inc. 1 unit Notebook and 1 unit Stella Software PHP 97499.00 11/25/13
Asia Pacific Computers 1 unit Multimedia Projects & 2 units Laptop PHP 85200.00 11/19/13
ELM Visual Concept Photography 235 pcs Conversion of VHS Tapes to Digital Format PHP 70500.00 11/18/13
Bayan Telecommunications 1 Lot UP SRP Internet Subscription PHP 106695.49 10/21/13
Perfect Star PC Shoppe 1 Lot Port Manage Switches etc. PHP 198000.00 09/23/13
Perfect Star PC Shoppe 1 Lot Structured Network Facilities-IDF and MDF for UP Prof. School PHP 255000.00 09/23/13
Perfect Star PC Shoppe Lot Structured Network Cabling for LRC PHP 50000.00 09/23/13
Cebu AI Logic Supply and Delivery of 1 lot MS lot MS 2013 paper licences good for 90 users PHP 240390.00 09/10/13
Yana Chemodities Microscope micrometer etc PHP 62100.00 09/10/13
Catron Computers 1 lot Computer Server etc. PHP 49500.00 09/03/13