Central Visayas Studies Center


UP Cebu as leading Research University in Central Visayas


Central Visayas Study Center provides a pro-active support to UP Cebu as leading Research University in the region through its twofold roles as Center for Regional Studies and Research Support Office


Instituted as regional resource center for multi-disciplinary research in Central Visayas, CVSC shall actively pursue strategies and activities towards achieving recognition as a Center for Regional Studies. CVSC is also the research support office of UP Cebu, an add-on role that has become more important as the college transitions into fully autonomous constituent university of the UP system. As such, it shall provide assistance and support to further enhance research productivity of UP Cebu constituents, shall maintain a data bank of research and publication output, and shall evaluate research performance of UP Cebu as a unit.

  1. Establish linkages with funding sources and other research centers in the region;
  2. Facilitate/coordinate proposal preparation and implementation of regional researches;
  3. Conduct in-house regional researches on Cebuano culture and local heritage and other priority/relevant topics
  4. Organize research dissemination activities such as public fora and exhibits;
  5. Collaborate with academic clusters in developing and operationalizing mechanisms for research mentoring and research collaboration among faculty members;
  6. Conduct an annual needs assessment survey among UP Cebu constituents and provide research and publication assistance services as prioritized in the survey;
  7. Monitor and evaluate the impact of research assistance service provided;
  8. Maintain an updated web-based information system on past and current research and publication activities of UP Cebu constituents; and
  9. Provide regular research and publication performance report of UP Cebu.
  • To conduct researches on the following areas of concer: planning and urban concerns, trade and industry, environmental/coastal resource management, food security, skills and education, arts (including performing), gender (including development studies on children), politics and governance, regional history , regional and external linkages, security/peace and order.
  • To establish baseline data on the aforementioned areas.
  • To establish a library/collection of cultural works of known and lesser known writers and artists who made significant contributions to the cultural life in Cebu and the region.
  • To initiate public fora and dialogues and provide venue for discussion on socio-economic and political issues.
  • To organize art exhibits, performances such as theater productions and concerts, lectures and workshops on the performing, visual and communication arts, which highlight the distinct Central Visayas culture
Major Programs
  • Local Heritage Program
  • Conferences/Trainings/Workshops
  • Cultural Presentations
  • Collection and Lecture Demo Series of Central Visayan Performing Arts
  • Research
  • Development Concerns
  • Gender (Women and Children)
  • Health
  • Education
  • Sustainable Development
  • Culture and Governance
  • Environment
  • Cultural Literacy Program
  • Development of Local Heritage Program Curriculum (Teacher Training)
  • Educational Tours
  • Local Studies
  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Services
Research Assistance
  • Research facilitation (contract signing, certifications, cash advances, liquidations)
  • Data gathering
  • Data encoding
  • Consultancy
  • Information Dissemination Facilitation
  • Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign
  • Documentation