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In recognition of the outstanding work performance of its personnel, UP Cebu now opens the Search for Dean’s Awards for Outstanding Performance and Achievement.

Please refer to the following attachments:

1. The Memorandum

2. The Guidelines

MSCS program now accepting applicants for AY 2014-2015

The UP Cebu Department of Computer Science is now accepting applications for its Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program for the next academic year, 2014-2015.

The Master of Science in Computer Science curriculum is delivered through a mix of teaching methods such as lectures, case and problem-solving, and computer simulations. Courses are handled by full time faculty of UP Cebu and adjunct professors from UP Diliman.

Applicants for MS Computer Science can download the application form below:

The application period is only until April 30, 2014. Notification of Acceptance will be in May 2014.

For those evaluated not ready for the program, they will be required to take and pass relevant courses in June and July.

Start of classes will be in August.

UP Cebu’s Lampara Parade to give light to Northern Cebu

The University of the Philippines Cebu will transform its annual Christmas celebration into a lampara parade with the aim of collecting gas lamps for Northern Cebu. Several households still do not have electricity restored after typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan) destroyed powered lines in the area.

The academic clusters and support offices are encouraged to pitch in by bringing reusable lanterns and gas lamps. The lamps will then be transported to families in Northern Cebu.

The lampara design is taken from the Qube Gallery, Don't Forget Bogo Project

The lampara design is taken from the Qube Gallery, Don’t Forget Bogo Project. Click to view better resolution image.

Pasko sa Paglaum

UP Cebu Lampara Parade Guidelines:

  1. The contest is open to all clusters and offices.
  2. The contestants are highly encouraged to use reusable lanterns/lampara that will be collected after the event and given to Yolanda victims in Northern Cebu. (Sample design attached)
  3. The contest will be judged on the following criteria:
    • 20% Originality
    • 25% Creativity and Artistic expression
    • 35% Relevance to the theme
    • 20% Over-all impact
  4. The winners will receive the ff:
    • 1st prize – 1,000.00
    • 2nd prize – 800.00
    • 3rd prize – 500.00

Management Cluster reaches for more students, PhD programs

The Management Cluster of the University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) aims to increase enrollment in its undergraduate program and to offer a doctoral program by 2015.

These plans are among the long-term goals of Prof. Ernesto Yap, who was appointed cluster chairman in January.

“The idea is to have more faculty members who are PhD holders so that we can offer more programs, as well as accept more students,” Yap said in an interview.

Yap said that while working to institute a Doctor of Philosophy in Management program, the cluster also plans to bring in more undergraduate students.

The cluster is engaged in marketing efforts to develop the student population, Yap said.

They intend to have to talk one-on-one with those who pass the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) and plan to study management so that they will enroll in UP Cebu.

He said the cluster also plans to ask the UP system for more money so they can expand the number of sections since based on the number of their classrooms, they can still accommodate more students.

Yap noted that the number of first year students has doubled from that of the previous year.

But he clarified that the cluster remains observant.

“My chairmanship is more of an open mind experimenting with what will happen,” Yap said in the concerns of his plans.

Yap said he is currently monitoring the masters of business administration student involvement.

In the meantime, he said he will also “encourage the faculty to do research” even if doing so would be challenging.

“People can easier talk than write,” Yap said.

Yap is a licensed mechanical engineer, having earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of San Carlos (USC).

He later earned his Masters in Business Administration at UP Diliman, Masters in International Economics major in Finance at the University of Queensland, Australia and Masters in Anthropology from USC.

Contributed by Fritzy Jozhua Yañez

*This story is brought to you by students of Journalism 102: News Writing and Journalism 104: Editing in cooperation with the UP Cebu Public Information Office.

Teachers eye department status for mass communication program

The faculty of the mass communication program of the University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) submitted last Aug. 31 a proposal to institute a Department of Communication and Media Studies.

Prof. Belinda Espiritu, mass communication program coordinator said this is part of the process of transforming UP Cebu’s programs into departments and the school’s academic clusters into colleges.

“By elevating the Mass Communication Program that means a lot of things, we need to increase the student enrollment, strengthen the faculty profile, add more classrooms, that would be constructing another building and also instituting the graduate degrees,” said Espiritu.

The new department will offer graduate courses and the program Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies.

The process is in line with Dean Liza Corro’s goal of steering UP Cebu to becoming a full-fledged constituent university of the UP System by 2018.

The proposed department’s name is based on the faculty’s acknowledgment that mass communication belongs to the larger field of communication that includes development communication, public relations, advertising and communication research.

The proposal will go through several modifications in cooperation with Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Lorna Almocera and Dean Corro before its eventual submission for the approval of UP System officials.

The proposal, written by professors Espiritu, Ma. Theresa Angelina Tabada, Ulysses Sison and Jason Baguia envisions the new department to be the best of its kind in the Visayas and Mindanao in training students to become outstanding media practitioners and communicators.

Today, the facilities of the mass communication program include the UP Radio, Video and Audio Editing Room, News Editing Room or Public Information Office and the Center for Media Education.

Budget for the facilities and equipment was taken from the Priority Development Assistance Fund of Congressman Raul Del Mar and Congressman Arturo Radaza.

Students expressed their approval and are hopeful of the program’s plans.

Keiza Empleo said the new facilities would equip students to prepare themselves better for media practice.

Anfernae Ty said “I was delighted to hear about the proposal. I really hope that it pushes through because this could really improve the quality of media education in UP and the whole of UP Cebu.”

Contributed by by Danya Villarosa

*This story is brought to you by students of Journalism 102: News Writing and Journalism 104: Editing in cooperation with the UP Cebu Public Information Office.

Canadian professor to lecture on improving Java garbage collection

Gerhard W. Dueck, Ph. D. (CS)

Gerhard W. Dueck, Ph. D. (CS) Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick (Photo credit to:

The UP Cebu Department of Computer Science will host a lecture by Dr. Gerhard W. Dueck on Garbage Collection in Multi-Threaded Java Programs this September 23, 2013, 10:30AM-12NN, at the auditorium of the UP Cebu Interactive Learning Center.

Dr. Dueck’s lecture will deal with the problem of stop-the-world phases in the garbage collection mechanism of the Java programming language which are “particularly undesirable in a multi-core multi-threaded environment.” He will present a possible prediction method that will reduce the instance of stop-the-world phases.

Dr. Dueck is a visiting professor from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. His research interests also include Reversible Logic, Multiple-Valued Logic, Minimization of Logic Functions, Symmetric Functions, Simulated Annealing, Reed-Muller Expansions, and Digital Design.

View the abstract of the talk here: AbstractGC_Dueck.

DCS offers 2-day seminar-workshop on Advanced Data Structures

The Department of Computer Science of the University of the Philippines Cebu will be holding a two-day seminar-workshop on Advanced Data Structures this September 20-21, 2013 at the Audio-Visual Room (AVR)-2 of the college’s Lahug campus. This seminar-workshop will be given by Dr. Jaime DL Caro of the University of the Philippines Diliman, a recognized expert in the field.

The activity aims to offer better appreciation and application of selected topics in Advanced Data Structures. It is further aimed to enhance and improve the participating school’s curricular activities and offerings.

This Advanced Data Structures seminar-workshop is offered free to universities and colleges in Central Visayas as part of the mandate by the UP Cebu Department of Computer Science as a Center of Excellence in I.T. Education awardee of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Product design, computer science programs to host forum on online games

A forum titled “Online Games as Art and Trend” will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 1:30 p.m. at Audio-Visual Room 2 of the University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu).

This event will cater to UPians who want to pursue online and mobile game development as a career.

“Online game is really a trend now, especially for the young generation”, said UP Cebu product design program coordinator Palmy Pe-Tudtud in an interview.

Guest speaker Alfred Vesligai, a finalist of the National Young Entrepreneur competition last 2011, and President of Eurocorp Consulting, Inc., a company specializing in online and mobile games development, sees so much potential in UP Cebu students, particularly in the fields of product design and computer science.

Vesligai will lecture to students on online gaming, technology, and art.

The forum, organized by the product design and computer science programs is expected to open more opportunities for students to enhance their skills in the field of online and mobile games development and land a job in this field in the future.

“This is an opportunity already for us to really learn more about the trend and art,” Tudtud said./CHENNIE MONTERO AND UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES CEBU PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE

UP Cebu professor opens month-long art exhibit

A faculty of the fine arts program of the University of the Philippines Cebu opened an exhibit of abstract artworks last July 6.

Prof. Jose Villacin Jr’s solo exhibit titled “Rediscovering the Flight of Angels” opened at the Bluewater Gallery of Maribago Beach Resort in Lapu-Lapu City.

Featured are Villacin’s recent paintings on multidimensional canvass with motifs like wings, arcs and horns made of organic materials like fibers, gauze, recycled paper and acrylic.

Villacin said the works are inspired by spirituality and anachronism.

He said his objective is to reproduce a new kind of image using a different form.

“It is not religious but spiritual,” he said.

“The images are not defined. You cannot distinguish them since everything is just an element.”

These works are Villacin’s means to connect his visual art from 1992 to the present.

He said that through his artworks he can give back to nature.

“I believe in the give and take process so these artworks are my way to give back to life,” he said.

Prof. Dennis E. Montera, Villacin’s colleague and former student, described Villacin’s new works as more prophetic.

UP Cebu Dean Liza Corro said Villacin’s artworks are high forms of art.

“The harder you stare at them, the more you could see the layering and how tedious was the work that was done,” she said.

She encouraged the school’s fine arts students and faculty to hold more exhibits to further showcase UP Cebu talents.

“We’ve been known to be academically competent; it’s time to expand our creative and research works to catapult our university,” she said.


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