Office of the Chancellor

UP Cebu Chancellor Atty. Liza Corro

The Chancellor shall act as presiding officer of the faculty of the university, as provided by the Charter of the University System, and to exercise such other administrative duties which the Board of Regents, on recommendation of the President of the University System, may prescribe.  The Chancellor is directly responsible to the President for the administration of the constituent unit.

The Chancellor shall also:

  • act as chairperson of the Chancellor’s Executive Staff (CES), Executive Committee (EXECOM) and University Appointment Personnel Committee (APC);
  • serve as ex-officio member of all committees of the university;
  • responsible for the orderly behavior and discipline of students, faculty members, and employees within the college and shall cooperate with the Office Student Affairs through the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, in the general supervision and administration of the affairs of the students of the college affecting their conduct outside the university;
  • in-charge of over-all publications of the university;
  • submit annual report on the college and such other reports the higher authorities may require;
    calendar and report vacancies in the faculty, stating the position to be filled and the qualifications required; and
  • others as assigned by higher authorities.