Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall serve as deputy to the Chancellor and shall be directly responsible to him/her for carrying out academic policies and programs, and supervising curricular, instructional, research and library and other activities of the college.
He/She shall be ex officio Chairperson of the College Council Committee on Curriculum. He/She shall preside over meetings of the College Council and the College Academic Personnel Board in the absence of the Chancellor.
The following offices shall be directly under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs:

a. Arts and Culture
b. Office of the College Secretary & Registrar
c. Central Visayas Studies Center
d. Gender and Development Office
e. Interactive Learning Center/Learning Resource Center
f.  Library Services
g. National Service Training Program
h. Office of Anti-Sexual and Harrassment
i.  Office of  Continuing Education and Pahinungod
j.  Office of Student Affairs
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