Enrollment and CRS

The academic year in UP Cebu is composed of two semesters and a summer session, except for graduate programs with the trimestral scheme (Master of Business Administration and Master of Education). The First Semester starts in June of every year while the Second Semester begins in November. For more information regarding enrollment and other academic schedules, refer to the UP Cebu calendar for academic year 2013-2014.

The enrollment procedure is handled by the UP Visayas Computerized Registration System ( or http://crs.upv.edu.ph). All students must obtain an account in the computerized registration system for pre-registration and confirmation of subjects.




Where: ILC/LRC/Computer Laboratories
a. Enlist and/or confirm subjects at http://crs.upv.edu.ph
b. Update your ENROLLMENT PROFILE otherwise, assessment will not proceed.


Where: AS Bldg – Comp. Sci., Pol. Sci., Psych., Math
Undergrad Bldg – Bio, MassCom, Fine Arts
Graduate Bldg – Management

a. Get your Computerized Final Grades.
b. Ask for a Temporary Form 5 from your department or program office.
b. Consult your adviser on your schedule that you will be writing on your Temp Form 5.
c. When your done, submit your Temp Form 5 to your adviser for assessment of fees.
d. While your adviser is assessing your fees, update your Checklist (of grades since your first year in UP).
There are two copies to be updated: 1. Student’s copy that you are required to keep. and 2. Adviser’s copy that is kept by the department/program.
e. Adviser will sign the Temp Form 5 after you are assessed.
f. Bring Computerized Final Grades, Temp Form 5 and the student’s copy of Updated Checklist to the succeeding steps.

3. PAY

Where: Cashier at the Admin Bldg.

a. Get a priority number from the attending guard.
b. Wait for your number to be called.
c. When called, present your ID along with your priority number.
d. Wait again for your name to be called.
e. Pay, if possible, exact amount.
f. Wait for few minutes for your Official Receipt.
g. Be sure that you retrieve your ID and that you are bringing your Official Receipt and other requirements to the final step.


Where: Office of the College Secretary and Registrar

a. Get a priority number, IF ANY, from the attending Student Council officer or volunteer.
b. If there are priority numbers, wait for your numbers to be called.
c. Should there be no priority numbers, fall in line RESPONSIBLY.
d. Listen to instructions to be given by the Student Council for smooth registration.
e. Present the following:

NEW Students

– Introduction Slip
– Temp Form 5
– Official Receipt


– UP school ID
– Computerized Final Grades
– Updated Checklist
– Temp Form 5
– Medical Certificate
– Official Receipt
– Window Envelope with stamps (available at CSO Window 4 or Canteen)

f. Get your Official Form 5.
g. But don’t forget to retrieve your ID, Copy of Grades, Checklist and Official Receipt.