A blessed and joyous Christmas to all of us!

Our Christmas theme is very apt for where UP Cebu is, right now. This is the first Christmas we are celebrating after we had achieved the status as a full constituent university. And in a year and a half, we will soon be celebrating the 100 th year of founding of UP Cebu.

All these would have never happened if we did not join hands and unite our efforts to move in one direction.

Where we are now is a manifestation of what, and who we are, and how we envision ourselves to be. We are a creature of our own vision. And we can be as great and successful only, depending on how we envision ourselves to be, and how we put it into action. Please take note of this: Leaders provide only the enabling environment, but you are the lead actors and actresses. Leaders come and go, and administrators change, but it is the same hopes, talents and aspirations from you that will remain and persist.

Yes, there may be moments either in your personal life or here in UP Cebu, that will bring you down and which may cause you to wonder and think that life is not going the way you want it to be. But let not distractions and criticisms pull you down. In fact, always treat all these as challenges to make ourselves better. Let us block out all the negativities, and truly embrace the spirit of “hope”, wherein we wait for wonderful things that the future has to offer. But we must always bear in mind at the same time of what the past has taught us, and with a grateful and humble heart at the same time acknowledge the beautiful gifts that we had received.

Remember, with positive thoughts and the desire always to do good, which is the public service essence of our institution, then we will be able to accomplish what we aspire and envision us to be. “Maghugpong lang ta sa atong paglawig siguradong makab-ot natong tanan ang atong mga pangandoy!”

May you all be, always brimming with hope, that we will be able to accomplish what we envision UP Cebu to be, in the years to come!

Again, I wish you all and your families, a blessed and joyous Christmas and a prosperous 2017.