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October 2016 Accomplishment Report

Accomplishment Report in October 2016

Prof. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, DODT was invited by the UP Cebu Student Council to talk on the topic “Student Org Issues on Rental Fees for UP Facilities” during the Leadership Training Seminar conducted for All Student Org., on 5 October 2016 at the Audio Visual Room 1, Library Building, UP Cebu.


18th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition


UP Cebu has participated in the 18th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition (Central and Eastern Visayas elimination round) held at the University of San Carlos last October 14, 2016. UP Cebu’s representatives were Jermyn Galera, Heide Mae Patiga and Mitzi Luar. They were accompanied by their coaches: Mr Rhenozo Barte and Mr Stevenson Yu. Out of the 11 participating schools, UP Cebu ranked first in the regional level.





The easy and moderate rounds went smooth as UP Cebu topped in the first 2 rounds.


The most nerve-wracking part was the last question in the difficult round. Aside from the fact that each difficult question was worth 20 points, what thrilled the contestants the most was that almost everyone else answered choice “B”, while only three schools (including UP Cebu) had choice A as their answer.


After that stunning moment, the host finally revealed the correct answer – which is choice A. UP Cebu garnered a total of 360 points, followed by UC-LM with 330 points, and USC with 325 points.


Certificates of participation were given to each university signed by Rene Jazmines (Junior FINEX Overall Chairman), Edith Dychiao (Junior FINEX Liaison Director), and George Chua (FINEX President).


2016-october-up-cebu-school-of-management-18th-inter-collegiate-finance-competition-cebu-eliminations-victory-pic2016-october-up-cebu-school-of-management-18th-inter-collegiate-finance-competition-cebu-eliminations-contestants-and-coachAfter which, medals were awarded to the UP Cebu contestants and their coaches for ranking first in the regional level. It was indeed hard work, determination and prayers that helped the participants get the first place.



The last part of the program was the announcement of the national results. The top 20 universities nationwide will be participating in the final round of the competition this coming Nov 21, 2016 to be held in BangkoSentralngPilipinas. It was overwhelming to see that UP Cebu ranked 6th together with the University of the East – Manila. UP Diliman ranked first with 460 points, followed by De La Salle University-Manila with 445 points, and Ateneo de Manila University with 380 points.


The three contestants took a photo together with one of their coaches Mr RhenozoBarte, the 4th year BS Management students, and FINEX Manila representative.


2016-october-up-cebu-school-of-management-18th-inter-collegiate-finance-competition-cebu-eliminations-contestanstNurtured to Create. Inspired to Innovate. Destined to Serve.

Academic Program Improvement:

The API on the proposal to conduct the Development and improvement of new graduate program in support to CUs niches- Institution of Ph.D. in Management was held on 19 October 2016 at the Parklane International Hotel Cebu- Juana Hall


from the left are
Prof. Ernesto Yap, Prof. Stevenson Yu, Prof. Marilou Busano
Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves, Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr. and
Arnella Labiste, support staff


persons start from the left at Manuel’s Restaurant are
Prof. Jeff McFarland, Prof. Stevenson Yu, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr.,
Arnella Labiste, support staff, Prof. Marilou Busano, Zenaida Tabucanon, Staff,
Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Marve Deiparine, Support Staff, Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves,
Chancellor Liza D. Corro, Prof. Ernesto Yap and Dr. Lanndon Ocampo

The API on the proposal conduct the Teaching-learning aids such as case studies/case writing, part 2 was held on 26 October 2016 at the Parklane International Hotel Cebu- Juana Hall


Counterclockwise from the right: Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Prof. Ernesto Yap,
Marve Deiparine, support staff, Arnella Labiste, support staff, Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan,
Prof. Rhenozo Barte, Dr. Marie Jane Matero, Prof. Marilou Busano
and Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves


Counterclockwise from the right: Prof. Ernesto Yap, Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves,
Prof. Stevenson Yu, Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia, Grace Mendez, staff, Arnella Labiste, support staff,
Prof. Rhenozo Barte, Zenaida Tabucanon, staff, Marve Deiparine, support staff,
Lorna Abella, staff, Dr. Marie Jane Matero,Prof. Marilou Busano and Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan

August/September 2016 Accomplishment Report

Exploring Research Collaboration with a Foreign University

In August 2016, Shu Te University President Dr. Yuan Hsiang Chu together with Chair Professor Dr. Eing Ming Wu, Deans Dr. Yuan-Hua Lu, Dr. Wei-Cheng Chu, Assistant Professor Juo-Lin Hsu and Ms Mei-En Chuang, visited UP Cebu to explore working together for research to provide assistance to tourism-based communities such as Malapascua Island. Dr. Lu, Dean of the College of Design, and Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan, Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves and Dr. Marie Jane Matero, discussed the details of the collaboration. Figure 1 shows Dr. Lu with Dr. Tan during their visit to Vice Governor Agnes Magpale.


Figure 1: (Left) Dr. Tan with Dr. Lu of STU; (right) STU delegates with Vice Governor Agnes Magpale (middle) and Chancellor Liza Corro (right of Vice Governor).

Teaching Innovations:

For the 1st semester of AY 2016-2017, Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan team-taught with the design expert of Kenneth Cobonpue’s company, Ms. Estela Fernandez to handle Management 173 (Marketing Manage-ment: Product Development). Their teaching method was a combination of lectures, guest speakers and experiential learning. The professors continued to teach theories behind product development, but instead of using the cases provided in the textbooks, they decided to invite guests to share with the class their real-life experiences in developing goods and services. For the course output, 12 groups adopted three Cebu towns to identify potentials and limitations and from these data, and to develop products and services that will help the local townspeople. It is the aim of the faculty that in doing this, it will help bring in liveli-hood and financial resources to those towns. The three towns identified were Bantayan Island, Samboan and Badian.

The first guest, on 19 August 2016, is the popular designer in Cebu, Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue. He awed more than 100 undergraduate BMC students of his team’s creations, and explained where he got his ideas. He also showed the entire product development process, from idea generation to the final product. Figure 2 shows Mr Cobonpue speaking to the class, with the faculty and students.


Figure 2 (clockwise from top): Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue speaking to the class, faculty with Mr. Cobonpue and BMC students by class section.

The second speaker on 26 August 2016 was the Marketing Specialist of the Bank of the Philippine Island, Ms. Marites Kintanar. BPI has always exerted the utmost effort to provide excellent service to its clients, from their BPI Express Assistant (BEA) online and machines to the new Cash Acceptance Machines (CAM), to smiling frontline representatives, to providing sofas for waiting guests. Ms. Kintanar explained to the class the importance of using technology to develop service innovations to build relationships with customers. Figure 3 shows Ms. Kintanar sharing BPI’s thrust to serve its clients well.


Figure 3: Ms. Marites Kintanar with the Management 173 class.

The RAFI group was tapped by the professors of Management 173 to help them bring out the creativity of the students in an outdoor adventure. From 9 – 11 September 2016, the entire Management 173 class went to Kool Adventure Camp in Balamban and went through a 3-day youth development program. Fig-ure 4 shows students cooking their own breakfast, on the trail and in reflection.


Figure 4 (top clockwise): first day at the camp, breakfast the next day, at the camp ground, on the trail and in reflection.

The third speaker on 16 September 2016 was a representative from Pru Life UK, Ms. Chiqui Crystal. Ms. Crystal emphasized that the tangible component of a purely service product is the person herself. Unlike tangible goods, service innovation comes from the marketing person herself, her knowledge, courteousness and reliability as a representative of the company. On the extreme side of the tangibility spectrum, the fourth speaker on 23 September 2016 talked about developing new products based on hard data gathered from secondary sources. The General Manager of Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation (WMC), Mr. Al-lan Alvarez shared to the students the process how WMC decide on new products based on the opportuni-ties presented by market data. Figure 5 show Ms. Crystal and Mr. Alvarez with Management students.


Figure 5: Ms. Chiqui Crystal (left photo) with students and Mr. Allan Alvarez (right photo).

On 24 – 25 September 2016, Dr. Tan and Ms. Fernandez, together with Arts and Humanities lecturer Ms. Christy Manguerra and 20 Management 173 students travelled to Bantayan Island to conduct a situational analysis of the island. The UP Cebu group was hosted by Mr. Allan Monreal, the President of the Damgo sa Kaugmaon, a non-government organization (NGO) helping the communities in the island. Figure 6 shows the Management students with Mr. Monreal in different locations of Bantayan Island.


Figure 6: Damgo President Mr. Allan Monreal brought the students around Bantayan Is-land to conduct the situation analysis. Top left picutre, Management 173 students with Ms. Estel Fernandez (left most), Mr. Monreal (middle) and Dr. Tiffany Tan (right most). Top right picture, Mr. Monreal explained the potentials of ‘earth blocks’ as a construction material and showed a sample of the construction for Bantayan’s HomeStay project (lower middle picture).

To help the students generate ideas for the Cebu towns, the sixth speaker on 27 September 2016 focused on developing snack food as Cebu ‘pasalubong’. Mr. Danny Gonzales, owner of Lola Pureza, shared his journey as he started ‘peanut browas’ 32 years ago. Figure 7 shows Ms. Estel Fernandez introducing Mr. Danny Gonzales before the Management 173 class.


Figure 7: (left photo) Ms. Estel Fernandez introducing Peanut Browas maker, Mr. Danny Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales sharing his journey with the Management 173 students (right photo).

Development of a New Graduate Program

BMC submitted to the College Curriculum Committee the final Draft of its proposal for the institution of its Master in Business Economics Program (MBE). The MBE is the second graduate program of the BMC. There are three main reasons to justify its institution: first, the economic growth of Cebu gives rise to a lot of issues requiring academic attention (i.e., determine the role of economic managers and factors that affect the continued development of Cebu and Region 7). Second, there is a need to level up the econom-ics education in the Region. Third, the program is in line with the mandate of UP as a research, and grad-uate university; and to the BMC’s vision to be the leading regional academic institution for managers. Figure 8 shows the BMC faculty with the MBE consultant, Dr. Epictetus Patalinghug in 31 August 2016. Dr. Tiffany Adelaine Tan was the lead proponent of the proposal.


Figure 8: Dr. Patalinghug (center) with the BMC faculty.

July 2016 Accomplishment Report



Seminar-Workshop attended by Prof. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, DODT:

dr. sia

Prof. Tiffany Adelaine G. Tan & Prof. Marie Jane J. Matero, CPA, DPA, participants during the UP Cebu Department of Computer Science -Science Cluster’s Academic Program Improvement (API) activity entitled: “Evangelizing for Data Analytics- Fundamentals of Enterprise Data Management” held at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel, Cebu City on 28-30 July 2016.

006b 002



prof. cinco 1

prof. cinco 2

Presentation made by Professor Jesus C. Cinco, Jr., as Resource Speaker to the Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons and Management Staff of the Consolacion Multi-Purpose Cooperative covering the Review of Operations for the 1st half of 2016. (30 July 2016, Cansaga, Consolacion, Cebu)




June 2016 Accomplishment Report



There were 58 unique individuals who joined the MBA workshops during the months of May to June. The courses were offered (i.e., Statistics and Mathematics, Economics, and Case Method) to better prepare the incoming MBA students for the program.

Resource Speaker: Prof. Jessa Jane Langoyan
Bridging Course: Statistics and Mathematics of Finance (15 hrs)
No. of Enrollees: 25

Algebra-Prof. Langoyan

Out of 27 only 25 passed the Statistics and Mathematics in the 2016 MBA Workshop

Resource Speaker: Dr. Lanndon Ocampo
Bridging Course: Statistics and Mathematics of Finance (15 hrs)
No. of Enrollees: 26

Algebra-Dr. Ocampo

Out of 27 only 26 passed the Statistics & Mathematics in the
2016 MBA Workshop

Resource Speaker: Prof. Ernesto G. Yap
Bridging Course: Case Method A, part 1 (5 hrs)
No. of Enrollees: 27


Out of 27 only 26 passed the Case Method in the
2016 MBA Workshop

Resource Speaker: Prof. Tiffany Adelaine G. Tan, Ph.D.
Bridging Course: Case Method A, part 2 (5 hrs)
No. of Enrollees: 27


Out of 27 only 26 passed the Case Method in the
2016 MBA Workshop

Resource Speaker: Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA
Bridging Course: Case Method B (10 hrs)
No. of Enrollees: 28


Total of 28 who passed the Case Method in the
2016 MBA Workshop


Title: Retooling of Faculty Members-Case Writing
Date: 21-23 June 2016
Venue: Juana Hall- Cebu Parklane Hotel


Day 1, 21 June 2016
Clockwise, with Dean/Chancellor Liza Corro, Dr. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr., Prof. Rhenozo C. Barte, Prof. Marilou G.Busano, Dr. Marie Jane J. Matero, Prof. Ernesto G. Yap, Prof. Stevenson Q. Yu and Dr. Tiffany Adelaine G. Tan


Day 2, 22 June 2016
LUNCH Meeting with Faculty & Staff, counterclock-wise:
Prof. Marilou G. Busano, Dr. Marie Jane J. Matero, Ms. Marve Deiparine, Dean/Chancellor Liza D. Corro, Prof. Stevenson Q. Yu, Dr. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, Prof. Ernesto G. Yap, Dr. Tiffany G. Tan, Dr. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr., Prof. Rhenozo C. Barte and Ms. Arnella Labiste


Day 3, 23 June 2016 (last day)
Clockwise: Prof. Marilou G. Busano, Dr. Marie Jane J. Matero, Prof. Ernesto G. Yap, Prof. Stevenson Q. Yu, Dr. Tiffany Adelaine G. Tan, Dean/Chancellor Liza D. Corro, Dr. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr. and Prof. Rhenozo C. Barte

Accomplishment and Highlights of the API Retooling of Faculty Project:

Prof Barte worked on the following research papers: Foreign Trust and Confidence in Philippine Stocks Using Benford’s Law (completion, editing and revisions), Sari-sari Store Distribution channels (partial review of literature), and Influence of individuals (noise) investors on trading volume volatility using Benford’s Law (finished the introduction, review of literature, hypothesis and partial results)

Prof Busano completed her paper on ‘Optimal Capital Structure (OCS) of the selected furniture firms in Cebu’. Her paper is focused on the significant implications of OCS on the industry’s profitability, the associated risks and ultimately on the firm’s value.

Dr Chaves finished the revisions for publication of 3 papers: Filipino Children’s Understanding of TV Advertising and the Link to their Cognitive Development, Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intention: A Case on Philippine Business Students, and Mainstreaming the Management of Innovation in the Curriculum: A Review on Cebu Universities’ Business and Management Programs. Also, Dr Chaves gathered and made an outline for literature review on Entrepreneurial Experiential Learning, Place Attachment and Sustainable Local and Tourists Behaviors and Sustainable Tourism.

Prof Cinco identified and reviewed 34 articles for his research and has drafted the ‘Significance’, ‘Background’ and ‘Objectives’ of the study.

Dean/Acting Chancellor Corro co-proposed a research proposal for submission to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for its funding. This is for the setting up of a successful and sustainable Go Negosyo Center (GNC) within an academic setting of UP Cebu, which at the same time can be an alternative learning vehicle for students while at the same time assisting small and medium enterprises. Also, Atty Corro refined her current research entitled “DOST-UP CEBU Technology Business Incubator: It’s impact and effectiveness as a tool for entrepreneurship and enterprise development.” This is for possible submission for publication.

Dr Matero developed a draft for submission for possible publication of a co-researched study entitled the ‘Derivatives in the Philippines: An emerging market perspective’. She was able to finish the introduction, theoretical framework and the methodology.

Dr Sia finished the literature review requirement for the EIDR proposal of the Cluster on The relevance of government developmental programs on tourism based communities in Central Visayas and Palawan.

Dr Tan finished the revisions for publication of her paper entitled, “Influence of demographic variables to customers’ complaint behavior in a dine-in restaurant setting: A study of graduate students in Metro Manila”. The article was submitted for consideration of publication as an article in International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering. Also, she finished the EIDR proposal of the Cluster on The relevance of government developmental programs on tourism based communities in Central Visayas and Palawan.

Prof Yap finished the research and project proposal for Go Negosyo (co-proposed with AC Corro).

Prof Yu started reading and doing the literature review on two topics: token economies and student motivation (and using token economies to motivate students). During the write shop, he launched an online student survey to ascertain his students’ feedback regarding his UPBucks system, and this survey comes with question sets from previous studies that would allow some kind of local replication.


At least three papers will be submitted for possible publication in the next two months.

Before the year ends, at least two papers will be submitted for possible publication.

If there is enough budget from this API and if time permits, we will schedule another write shop within the year (2016).


ms sia1

Prof Yap Research presentation 6.7.16

29 JUNE 2016


MBA Academic Calendar 2016 – 2017

MBA Academic Calendar 2016 - 2017 image 1

MBA Academic Calendar 2016 - 2017 image 2

May 2016 Accomplishment Report



Resource Person Bridging
Dr. Lanndon A. Ocampo, Algebra and Calculus section A (15 hrs) , 28 participants

Accomplishment picture:

Prof. Lizann E. Vasquez, Algebra and Calculus section B (15 hrs) , 27 participants

Accomplishment picture:

Dr. Esterlina O. Kotake, Economics, part 1 (12 hrs) , 29 participants

Accomplishment picture:

Prof. Yuleta Orillo, Economics, part 2 (8 hrs) , 29 participants

Accomplishment picture:

UP Cebu MBA Program now accepting full-time students

UP Cebu MBA Full Time

April 2016 BMC Accomplishment Report


Resource Person
Prof. Marilou Busano Financial Accounting, Part 1, 27 Participants


Prof. Rhenozo Barte Financial Accounting, Part 2, 27 Participants


Highlights on the 2016 MBA Workshop participants

BRIEF CONTENTS: Bridge Course In Financial Accounting

A. Keeping of Records/Stakeholders
B. Accounting, defined/Functions of Accounting
C. Books of Accounts/Basic Financial Statements
D. Accounting Elements or Values/ Account Titles
E. Accounting Equation (AE)/Expanded Accounting Equation
F. Business Transactions (BT)/Effects of BT on AE
G. Debits and Credits/Accounting Cycle

Assessments on the above topics

1. Diagnostic Test at the start of Day 1
2. Exercises on DR & CR

H. Chart of Accounts of a Single Proprietorship (SP)
I. Accounting of a SP service business
J. Merchandising Business & Accounts used
K. Comparison of Equity Section of a SP, Partnership and Corporation (Corp))
L. Common Terms and Terminologies, Corp
M. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Assessments on the above topics

1. Individual Exam – SP (Service)
2. Exercises on GAAP
3. Take Home GAAP Caselet Exams for submission
4. GAAP Caselet Discussion
5. Cash Flow Statement/Sources and Uses of Funds
6. Group Exam Cash Flow Statement

N. Financial Statements (F/S) of a Corporation
O. Financial Statement Analysis

Assessments on the above topics

1. Exercises on preparation of Comparative F/S based on jumbled data
2. Group Exercise on the Financial Analysis of Bonifacio Co.Post Quiz

Out of 27applicants,24 passed the 30-hour Financial Accounting workshop. Two (2) applicants still have to comply/process their grade of “INC”, while one (1) did not continue with the MBA workshop.

1.2 Academic Program Improvement

Title of the Project: Development & Improvement of
New Graduate Program(s) in support of the
CU’s niches- MBE Proposals.

Person-In-Charge: Prof. Tiffany Adelaine G. Tan, Ph.D.
Date : 6 April 2016


Accomplishment and Highlights of the Project:

Dr. Tan presented to the faculty the first draft of the Master of Business Economics (MBE) proposal.
Problems Encountered:
Data gathering and developing of syllabi proved to be more challenging than expected.

Hire researchers to gather data and engage experts to develop/facilitate development of the remaining syllabi.

Hire researchers and invite Dr. Patalinghug to handle the workshop to develop syllabi

1.3 Comprehensive Examinations, 2 & 16 April 2016

Comprehensive Examinations: No. of Examinees
2 April 2016 (Day 1) 16 April 2016 (Day 2)
22 21

On Day 1 (2 April 2016), there were 20 out of 22 Examinees who passed the three exams covering Marketing, Operations and Financial Management. On the other hand, two(2)examinees will have to retake the Financial Management exam in 2017. This retake will be their last chance to pass this exam.

On Day 2 (16 April 2016), all of the 21 examinees passed the exams covering Managerial Accounting and Strategic Management.

1.4 Research Presentation/Research Paper Acceptance for Publication

1.4.1. Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA presented her research paper entitled “Mainstreaming the Management of Innovation in the Curriculum: A review on Cebu Universities’ Business and Management Programs” in the 2016 International Symposium on Business and Management on 6-8 April 2016 held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

1.4.2. Prof. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, DODT jointly undertaken with Prof. Tiffany Adelaine G. Tan, Ph.D. informed the cluster that the article entitled “The Influence of Organizational Justice on Job Satisfaction in a Hotel Setting” was accepted for publication in the DLSU Business and Economics Review, Volume 26 Number 1, July 2016 issue.

2. Extension Services/Public Service of the Faculty

2.1 Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA chaired a session at the e-CASE and e-Tech 2016 Conference in the 2016 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education and e-Technology on 6-8 April 2016 held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

2.2 Prof. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, DODT presented a research at a forum organized by the UP Psychology Major Association on 12 April 2015 in connection with the Psychology Week Research Presentation at the University of the Philippines Arts and Sciences Conference Hall.

2.3 Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA served as a Discussant in the Panel Discussion entitled “ Research in the Philippine Higher Education: The Role of Innovation and Creativity“ on 18 April 2016 at CDU-CM, Cebu Doctors’ University, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu.

2.4 Prof. Liza D. Corro, LLB and Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves attended the “Research Publication Workshop” held on 20 April 2016 at the Union Building, University of the Philippines Cebu.

2.5 Prof. Jesus C. Cinco, Jr., MMBM, for sharing his expertise to the members on the topic “ The Strategic HR & Must Have HR Competencies” on 21 April 2016 at the West Gorordo Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines.


March 2016 Accomplishment Report


1.1 MBA Graduate Program Admission Test

Date of Examination No. of Examinee
Saturday, 5 March 2016 18

The total number of people who took the Graduate Program Admissions Test (GPAT) was seventy two (72). The total came from the three GPAT schedules (two in February and one in March).

After the graduate admissions committee met to evaluate the documents submitted by the examiners, everyone except one was qualified to take the UP Cebu MBA program. However, some passers were required to take the workshops (i.e., Financial Accounting, Math and Stat, Economics and Case Methods) during summer to prepare them for the program in August.

1.2 Academic Program Improvement

Title of the Project : Development & Improvement of New Graduate Program(s) in support of the CU’s niches- PhD in Management.

Person-In-Charge : Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA
Date : 6 March 2016

Accomplishment and Highlights of the Project:

The API on the proposal to institute the graduate program PhD in Management had the following accomplishments:

1. Characterized the kind of Ph.D in Management graduate to those who are:
a) academics, in the management education teaching profession, government officers (career executive service officers), and those in the private sector who find the value of pursuing higher degree for profession and for self-actualization.

2. Identified the affiliation where the Ph.D in Management graduates will practice their profession: a) faculty members of business and management programs, b) institution directors of “thinktank” advisory groups, NGOs, business service organizations, private firms, c) government institutions

3. Distinguished the Ph.D in Management program from the other universities offering similar courses in the areas of: a) having focus on the analytical and quantitative disciplines, b) individual specialization (demand driven) based on the availability of other disciplines’ teachers – for example, a Ph.D in Management candidate may wish to pursue specialization on management of IT related concerns (Faculty from the Computer Science Department), or Sustainability (Faculty from the Environment Studies).

4. Identified the key factors why the future Ph.D in Management graduate will choose UP Cebu, to wit: a) UP equity, b) faculty, c) program relevance, d) “Fast-track” type of program

5. Revised the previous proposed study plan of the Ph.D in Management, to the details of the dissertation proposal, research implementation, dissertation final presentation
Clarified the requisites for admission to the program, including the issues on varied academic preparations, the lack of the master course related to business and management, the bridge courses as complementation to the current MBA program and the proposed MBE program


The BMC faculty will have yet to review what had already been laid out, to include the: a) study plan, b) admissions, c) bridge programs, considering the variety of potential applicants with different academic preparations.

1.3 Faculty’s Extension Activity

1.3.1. Prof. Marie Jane J. Matero, DPA, CPA attended and participated the 4th Academicians, Students & Educators Alliance Inc. (ASEAN) & 6th Association of Certified Public Accountants in Education-Region IV, Inc. (ACPAE-IV), on 15-17 March 2016 at Diamond Suites Hotel and Residences, Cebu City

1.3.2. Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA for generously sharing her expertise as Panelist during the UP Cebu- Toyo University Joint Spring Workshop 2016 with its theme “Understanding Community Needs” held on 8 March 2016 at Barangay Lorega, Cebu City

1.3.3. Prof. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, DODT for having participated in the 2016 Central Visayas Congress of Human Resource Management Practitioners with the theme “Building a Culture of Excellence in HR and OD: A Way Forward” held at the Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City on 10-11 March 2016.

1.3.4. Prof. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves, DBA for having attended the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA) Alumni Council Meeting on 11 March 2016 at Ang Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

1.4 Students Extension Activity

Ten BMC students attended the 2016 Citi Junior Bankers’ Program on 11-12 March 2016 in SGV Office, Cebu City

1. Nicole T. Asucro
2. Rogeline L. Benihagan
3. Ella Rica D. Cañoneo
4. Ellaine Jane B, Fajardo
5. Jermyn Jell S. Gallena
6. Precilla R. Ibañez
7. Ela Cherie C. Maglasang
8. Heide Mae D. Patiga
9. Hyacinth Blaise M. Tan
10. Genie Marie D. Togono

citibankers (3)

1.5 UP Cebu Intramurals, 1-4 March 2016

Some of the highlights during the intrams (BMC).

Cheerdance, 2nd Place

cheer dance

Parade, 1st Place

Softball (Men), 1st Place


Softball (Women), 1st Place


Soccer (Women), 1st Place

971321_10206115546347376_2308445742360299184_n (1)

Hataw Fitness, 1st Place


1.6 MBA 3rd Trimester AY 2015-2016 Registration Period, 14-17 March 2016

Year Level No. of Enrolled
1st Year 20
2nd Year 22
Comprehensive Examinee/ On Residency 22

February 2016 Accomplishment Report


1.1 MBA Graduate Program Admission Test

Date of Examination No. of Examinee
Saturday, 6 Feb 2016 34

A total of 54 GPAT examinees for 2 GPAT schedules (Jan and Feb) and 51 out of 54 passed.

1.2 Research Presentation

1.2.1 Prof. Rhenozo C. Barte, CPA, MM, presented his paper entitled “ Test and Demonstration of Benford’s Law and Approximate Distribution of DV Amounts” during the School of Business and Economics (SBE) International Conference on Business and Economy (SBE-ICBE)2016 with a theme: “ Creating, Managing, and Distributing Wealth:Shifting Paradigms” held at the University of San Carlos (USC), Michael Richartz Building Tourism Center, School of Business and Economics, Talamban Campus, on 12 February 2016, Cebu City.


1.2.2. At the same conference, six (6) 4th year BSM students presented their research entitled “Identifying criteria set for personnel promotion across organizational levels with analytic hierarchy process (AHP).” The students were:

France Kevin Degamo
Charles Noven Castillo
Faith Therese Gitgano
Louie Alfred Loo
Shaira Mae Pacaanas
Nika Toroy

Photo from left to right are: Louie Alfred Loo, Charles Noven Castillo, Dr. Lanndon Ocampo,
Shaira Mae Pacaanas , Faith Therese Gitgano,, Nika Toroy,
France Kevin Degamo, and SBE-ICBE Official

1.3 Extension Activity

Prof. Leahlizbeth A. Sia, DODT,attended the seminar on “Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) Utilization in the Philippines, conducted by NRI: Nomura Research Institute Singapore Pte. Ltd. Manila Branch, given 16th of February 2016 at JICA Philippine Office-Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati.


New location of BMC’s Office from Room 127 moved to Room 128. Room 128 was divided into two offices namely, BMC Office and Consultation/Lecturer’s Room.


Consultation/Lecturer’s Room: