Monthly Accomplishment Report – July 2016

July 2016
Central Visayas Studies Center (CVSC) Report


1. Research Updates
1. Prof. Brisneve Edullantes submitted his research proposal “Spatiotemporal patterns of phytoplankton photophysiology and primary productivity in an altered river estuary.” The research is funded under the Faculty Grant 2015.

2. Dr. Catherine Rodel submitted the completion of her Faculty Grant 2015 funded creative work entitled, “Music of the Night: Serenata @ 16 goes Broadway.”

3. Mr. Jason Baguia presented the research, “Warrior, Peacemaker: Media Depiction of Christian
Religious Actors in Kenyan and Philippine 2013 Election Coverage” during the International Association for Media and Communication Research Annual Conference 2016 in the Lecture Theater 1, Attenborough Building, University of Leicester in the Religion, Communication and Culture, on 29 July 2016. The paper was co-written by Muthoki Mumo and Ole Krogsgaard.

4. Prof. Rhenozo Barte reported his paper, “Test and Demonstration of a Benford’s Law and Approximate Distribution of DV Amounts,” that was presented during the SBE International Conference on Business and Economy (SBE-ICBE) 2016 in Michael Richartz Building Tourism Center, School of Business and Economics, University of San Carlos, Cebu, on 12 February 2016.

5. Prof. Anna Marie Talam reported 2 international research presentations:

• “Weathering the “Push and Pull” Factors of Labor Mitigation: Filipinos Across East Asian Borders” was presented during the 2016 SEAA (Society for East Asian Anthropology) Hong Kong Conference in The Chinese University of Hong Kong last 19-22 June 2016.

• “A Journey of Bundles and Tasks: From Hinterland to the City’s Marketplace” was presented during the 2016 International Conference on Business and Social Sciences (ICBASS) in Kyoto, Japan, last 29-31 March 2016.

6. Phil-LIDAR Program 1 reported 1 international research presentation and 1 international poster presentation:

• “Spatial Analysis of High Residential Density Areas Vis-a-Vis Disaster Response in Two Cities of Western Visayas, Philippines” was presented during the H-City International Conference on Geographies of Health and Living in Cities in Hong Kong last 21-24 June 2016. It was written by Chito Patiño, Olavides, R., and Dr. Jonnifer Sinogaya.

• “Running to Safety: Analysis of Disaster susceptibility of Neighborhoods and Proximity of Safety Facilities in Silay City, Philippines” was presented as a poster presentation during XXIII International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Congress in Prague, Czech Republic last 12-19 July 2016. It was written by Chito Patiño, Naressa Belle Saripada, Olavides, R., and Dr. Jonnifer Sinogaya.

7. The following research studies reported in July 2016 were accomplished by faculty members in the previous year:

• Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves published her paper on “The Integration of Sustainability in the Business Curricula of Cebu Universities and Colleges: A Review” in the Journal of Ecology and Conservation 16: 179-201.

• Atty. Liza Corro’s research paper, “The Twenty-First Century Education: Promoting the Learner-Focused Paradigm,” was included as in the international proceeding of the 2015 International Conference Workshop for Teachers and Administrators: The 21st Century Education of Promoting the Learner-Focused Paradigm in Traveller’s Hotel, Subic Freeport Zone, Olongapo City, on 28 October 2015.

• Phil-LIDAr Program 1 presented the paper, “Flood Risk Exposure Determination Using Feature Extraction,” during the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Manila, on 19-23 October 2015. The paper was written by Naressa Belle Saripada, Jao Hallen Bañados, Chito Patiño, and Dr. Jonnifer Sinogaya.

8. Prof. Mae Claire Jabines submitted the hard copy of her research, “Fiesta and Tourism: Exploring the Role of a Socio cultural Activity towards the Development of Local Tourism in the Province of Bohol, Philippines,” that was published in 2014 as a chapter of the book, “Rethinking Asian Tourism: Culture, Encounters and Local Responses.”


1. Hosted activity
The office assisted the Sciences Cluster in organizing “A Lecture on Computational Trust” by Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur last 12 July 2016. Dr. Seigneur is a senior lecturer and research manager from the University of Geneva.

Dr. Seigneur with Dr. Jonnifer Sinogaya, Sciences Cluster Chairperson, and Sciences 	Cluster students.   (Photo from Dr. Seigneur)

Dr. Seigneur with Dr. Jonnifer Sinogaya, Sciences Cluster Chairperson, and Sciences Cluster students. (Photo from Dr. Seigneur)