Monthly Accomplishment Report – June 2016

June 2016
Central Visayas Studies Center (CVSC) Report


1. Research Updates
Six faculty members presented their research outputs last 7 June 2016 in UP Cebu Audio Visual Room 1. The research presentation was panelled by Prof. Henry Francis Espiritu and Prof. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya of the Social Sciences Cluster.

Research presenters with panel members and CVSC director, Yuleta Orillo.

Research presenters with panel members and CVSC director, Yuleta Orillo.

1. Prof. Kaira Zoe Alburo-Cañete presented her research “Breast is Best? A Feminist Re-reading of Breastfeeding Policies and Practices in the Philippines.” The research is funded under the UP Cebu Research and Creative Work Grant (RCWG) 2014 and is awaiting publication.

2. Prof. Zenaida Ligan-Ashburn presented her paper funded under the Faculty Grant 2015 entitled, ‘“Swimming with Whale Sharks: A case study of the whale shark tourism in Tanawan, Oslob, Cebu.”

3. Prof. Ernesto Yap presented his full paper on “A Model of Trust and Collaboration in a Fresh Vegetable Supply Chain in Central Philippines.” The paper attempts to refute the claim that farmers are the most grossly disadvantaged group among all members of the supply chain for fresh vegetables in the Philippines “by presenting a model of a mountain barangay in Central Philippines and identifying the different economic, socio-cultural and environmental factors present that enable farmers to enjoy optimal prices for their produce.” The paper is in completion of his Faculty Grant 2014.

4. Dr. Aurelio Vilbar completed his Faculty Grant 2013 paper entitled, “Developing Reciprocity, Intercultural Communicative Competence, Learning through International Service Learning” on June 10, 2016. The paper discussed the International Service Learning (ISL) Program conducted by the Language Education in Otemae University (OU), Japan and the University of the Philippines Cebu High School (UPCHS) in Cebu, Philippines in 2015. “Adapting the service learning frameworks of Ash and Clayton (2009) and Kendall (1990),” the paper aimed to assess the impact of ISL on the community partners’ content learning, intercultural competence and receptivity.”

5. Prof. Ma. Rowena Mende presented her Faculty Grant 2012 paper on “Communicating the urgency of climate change: Effects of message elaboration, mode of communication, and gender on behavioral intentions toward climate change mitigation.”

6. Dr. Leahlizbeth Sia presented her published paper, “Emotional Labor and Its Influence on Employees’ Work and Personal Life.” The research paper “sought to examine the effects of acting on a regular basis on the part of the employees of several international dining franchises in Cebu, Philippines, whether it leads to emotional exhaustion, stress, or it affects their productivity, relationship with co-workers and family, or influences their decision to quit their jobs.”

7. Dr. Mary Gretchen Chaves submitted a copy of her manuscript, “Mainstreaming the Management of Innovation in the Curriculum: A Review on Cebu Universities’ Business and Management Programs,” in completion of her Faculty Grant 2015. The paper “investigates the currency of forty (40) undergraduate business and management curriculum offered by eight (8) higher educational institutions (HEIs) in Cebu, Philippines in the area of the subject/course offer on “management of innovation.”


1. Hosted activity
Around 30 faculty members attended the two-day Multidisciplinary Research Proposal Writeshop with Vice President for Academic Affairs Gisela Concepcion as the keynote speaker and Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco from the UP Department of Psychology as the resource speaker.

The workshop brought together the UP Cebu faculty members from the four clusters to engage with each other in identifying topics for collaborative research and drafting multidisciplinary research proposals for submissions to identified funding sources.

The workshop was held last 16-17 June 2016 in Montebello Villa Hotel.

Participants of the Multidisciplinary Research Proposal Writeshop with VP Gisela Concepcion and Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco.

Participants of the Multidisciplinary Research Proposal Writeshop with VP Gisela Concepcion and Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco.

2. Assisted activity
The office prepared the certifications for the participants during the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) Workshop. At least 10 faculty members attended the workshop on 20-21 June 2015 in UP Cebu’s Room 116. The activity was organized by the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.