College of Science

The College of Science aspires to provide teaching and research leadership in the life sciences, environment, mathematics, and computer science. Its aims to produce graduates with a strong foundation in the sciences and a sense of social responsibility and discernment, as well as graduates who can relate their field of specialization to the other fields, and are effective as educators, researchers, and as planners in academe, industry, government and non-government institutions. It offers three (3) undergraduate programs, namely, BS Biology, BS Computer Science and BS Mathematics, and two (2) graduate programs: MS Computer Science and MS Environmental Studies.

The BS Biology program provides the students with a strong foundation in the fundamental nature and features of living things, and the ways in which they interact with each other. It offers relevant courses as an answer to heightened concern for the global environment, with focus on local issues. The curriculum likewise enables the graduates to widen their career options in biology and related fields.

The BS Computer Science curriculum seeks to produce industry-ready and research-oriented graduates. The revised curriculum introduces new courses, which are relevant to the technologies of our time, that is, responsive to the needs of the time. This is achieved by providing the students a better choice of electives leading to a certain focus like Software Engineering, Information System, Theoretical Computer Science, and Multimedia Systems.

The BS Mathematics curriculum envisions to produce graduates honed in the exercise of mathematical thinking, disposed to the rigors of abstract analysis; disciplined in the language of logic and precision; and multifaceted in the process of problem-solving. The curriculum also aims to continue to meet the new demands and challenges of the present time, producing graduates who are highly trainable and have a sense of social responsibility and discernment.

The MS Computer Science curriculum aims to contribute to the overall development of the region in particular and the Visayas-Mindanao area in general, by uplifting the quality of computer science education. The curriculum also aims to contribute to the general body of knowledge through the conduct of relevant graduate researches, which are geared towards innovation.

The MS Environmental Studies program is designed to equip the students with the necessary research and management competencies in the fields of Industrial Ecology and Natural Systems Studies. It is an interdisciplinary program that combines the Natural and Physical Sciences with Economics and the Social Sciences. The program also prepares the graduates to be more effective environmental educators, researchers, managers, and planners in the academe, industry, government and non-government institutions.