Social Sciences Cluster


Service to the Filipino people in Central Visayas


To produce highly trained and responsible graduates supportive of the regional development thrusts; to encourage and undertake research that will enhance regional development; and to offer technical assistance to the community to improve the quality of life in Central Visayas.


Offer strong programs in the Social Sciences that produce social scientists and development practitioners who:

  • Are strong in their field’s substantive and methodological Areas
  • Have liberal and broad world views
  • Have strong sense of country, and identities as Filipinos
  • And have strong commitment to serve the Filipino people especially the marginalized.

Offer a strong general education courses and Social Science Service Courses that strengthen students social awareness and holistic understanding of the different aspects of social realities.

Contribute to local, regional and national development through relevant training, research, extension and policy advocacy.


Knowledge that leads to transformation of individuals and communities

Openness to the world of ideas and glocal change

Access to intellectual excellence

Excellence in every facet of intellectual life and in the physical, cultural, developmental environment that sustains academic achievement.


Continuing Education Program (CEP): Seminars, workshops, conferences, forums, and other non-degree training activities.

Technology Packaging and Info Dissemination Program (TPIDP): Translation, dissemination and transfer of research findings and other info intended for end users.

Consultancy and Technical Services Program (CTSP): Professional services rendered to specific clientele groups, individuals, government agencies, and the private sector.

Community Outreach Program (COP): Programs/projects intended to bring community awareness of social, political and cultural issues. UPV personnel serve as resource persons, facilitators, advisors, trainors, and the like.