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Sciences Cluster invites researchers, faculty to lecture series on modeling and simulation

Dr. Florian MikschThe Sciences Cluster of the University of the Philippines Cebu, in coordination with its Department of Computer Science (DCS), is offering a lecture series on modeling and simulation for the period January – March 2014.  Prof. Florian Miksch, PhD, DCS visiting professor from the Vienna University of Technology, will share his expertise and experience on the field during the lectures.
The first session of the six-part Lecture Series on Modeling and Simulation started yesterday, January 15, 2014, at the UP Cebu ILC-AVR. Next sessions will be on January 29, February 12, Febuary 26, March 12, and March 26.
Researchers and faculty who are interested to attend the next lectures are free to register.
The organizing committee has decided to give the Certificate of Completion to those who can attend at least 5 of the six(6) sessions. This is to give chance to those who were not able to attend today’s session.
Hope to see you in the next session on January 29 about Modeling System Dynamics at ILC-AVR in UP Cebu. Feel free to forward this to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in Modeling and Simulation.
Download this document for details on the schedule and venue: Memo 2-13-January-2014-SciencesCluster Lecture Series-Dr Miksch

Visiting prof to start lecture series on modelling and simulation

Dr. Florian Miksch, DCS visiting professor.

Dr. Florian Miksch, DCS visiting professor.

The visiting professor of the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Florian Miksch, will begin his bimonthly talks entitled “Lecture Series on Modelling and Simulation: Theory and Applications” starting 11 December 2013. The talk tomorrow will be at 4-5 PM at the UP Cebu AVR2.

Dr. Miksch is a professor from Vienna University of Technology. He is active in the fields of modelling and simulation, data mining, and project management. His PhD dissertation is entitled “Mathematical Modelling for New Insights into Epidemics by Herd Immunity and Serotype Shift”.

Among the recent published works he co-authored are “Hybrid Combination and Modular Modelling Techniques in Health Technology Assessment – An Example Based Explanation for Communicable Diseases”, “Analysis and comparison of different modelling approaches based on an SIS epidemic”, and “Modular modelling and hybrid combination in health technology assessment models – examples and technology”.

Canadian professor to lecture on improving Java garbage collection

Gerhard W. Dueck, Ph. D. (CS)

Gerhard W. Dueck, Ph. D. (CS) Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick (Photo credit to:

The UP Cebu Department of Computer Science will host a lecture by Dr. Gerhard W. Dueck on Garbage Collection in Multi-Threaded Java Programs this September 23, 2013, 10:30AM-12NN, at the auditorium of the UP Cebu Interactive Learning Center.

Dr. Dueck’s lecture will deal with the problem of stop-the-world phases in the garbage collection mechanism of the Java programming language which are “particularly undesirable in a multi-core multi-threaded environment.” He will present a possible prediction method that will reduce the instance of stop-the-world phases.

Dr. Dueck is a visiting professor from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. His research interests also include Reversible Logic, Multiple-Valued Logic, Minimization of Logic Functions, Symmetric Functions, Simulated Annealing, Reed-Muller Expansions, and Digital Design.

View the abstract of the talk here: AbstractGC_Dueck.

Call for Visiting Professors

The UP Cebu Department of Computer Science is calling for applications for two (2) visiting professors in the areas of
bio-informatics, machine vision, social network analysis, intelligent systems, mobile computing, digital computing, security, bio-med, and natural language processing.

Call for Visiting Professors