Ifugao-Question No.10

What was the topic of Dr. Rosario Alonzo?

A. Differentiated Teaching
B. Differentiated Instruction
C. Classroom Assessment
D. Discourse-Based Approaches

Ifugao-Question No.9

What is the position of Prof. Juanita Blackton at the US Department of State?

A. English Language Consultant
B. English Language Specialist
C. English Language Fellow
D. English Language Expert

Ifugao-Question No.8

What does “Fi” in WiFi mean?

A. Fidelity
B. Filtration
C. Fiber Technology
D. Functional Interaction

Ifugao-Question No.7

When you use smart phones of iPads in language teaching, it is called:

A. Mobile Learning
B. Mobile Assisted Learning
C. Mobile Assisted Language Learning
D. Mobile Aided Communicative Learning

Ifugao-Question No.6

When a language teacher uses content in Science, Social Sciences in teaching, it is called:

A. Content-Based Instruction
B. Task-Content Instruction
C. Content Language Teaching
D. Content Communicative Approach

Ifugao-Question No.5

What does acronym PAR stands for?

A. Philippine Atmospheric Region
B. Philippine Astronomic Region
C. Philippine Area of Responsibility
D. Pressurized Area of Rainfall

Ifugao-Question No.4

What do you call the joint project of DOST-PAGASA and ABS-CBN whose main goal is to give mobile device users information about the weather-essentially giving users access to crucial hazards information right at their fingertips?

A. IMReady

B. Quakefeed
C. Weather Live
D. Project NOAH

Ifugao-Question No.3

Which specific agency of the Philippine Government takes charge of the weather condition of the country, from monitoring to forecasting?


Ifugao-Question No.2

What does the red color of an MTSAT image indicate?

A. Moderate to intense heat
B. Moderate to intense rainfall
C. Moderate to intense air pressure
D. Moderate to intense

Ifugao-Question No.1

Which part of the atmosphere do weather phenomena occur?

A. Troposphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Tropopause