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The Department of Science and Technology released its Science for the People Book Series on 24 November 2021.

The series features five categories, Science for Cooperation, Science for Innovation, Science for Change, Science for Human Capital, and Science for Communities.

UP Cebu’s CENVI is proudly featured in Science for Change which breaks down the program’s four components that promote inclusive innovation, R&D expertise, applications, and collaborations between the government, the academe, and the private sector. CENVI’s story highlights interviews from Mandaue City CENRO, Cordaid, and PADO, among others.

To date, UP-CENVI’s work has been instrumental in creating thoughtful and tangible solutions to some of the region’s pressing concerns.” (Science for Change, 2021)

The Science for the People Books series can be downloaded for FREE here

Additionally, CENVI will be launching the Cebu Biodiversity Atlas in cooperation with the CTU Biodiversity R&D Center. This atlas examines the current state of biodiversity in Cebu in the hopes of contributing to sustainability efforts and the preservation of its biodiversity.