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UP Cebu Reaffirms Commitment to Animal Welfare, Responsible Pet Ownership, Due Process, and Responsible Use of Social Media

We have been made aware of a social media post which involves serious allegations against one of our students. The school takes such matters seriously, and we extend our concern for all parties involved. The well-being of our community, including animals, is very important to us.

However, we must emphasize the following points:

  1. Incident Location and University Policies: The alleged incident described did not occur on UP Cebu premises, nor was it connected to any university activities. UP Cebu has an animal rights and welfare policy, and we will uphold these policies for our constituents, both on and off-campus. Ensuring the humane treatment of all living beings is a value we deeply respect and promote. We also emphasize that our policy promotes responsible pet ownership to balance the interests of animals and human beings on campus.

   Reminder to UP Cebu Constituents and Pet Lovers: We also take this opportunity to remind all UP Cebu constituents to comply strictly with the responsibilities of pet owners on campus. This includes ensuring that the presence of pets does not disrupt the campus environment or infringe on the rights and safety of others. We also call on all pet lovers to help and take care of the animals on our campus by adopting and bringing them to your homes.

  1. Verification and Due Process: The allegations have not been verified. Serious allegations must adhere to the principles of fairness and due process. It is crucial to handle such matters through appropriate channels. We ask anyone with relevant information to report any incidents of mistreatment to animals to the proper authorities. This will allow for a fair investigation in accordance with our established legal process. Serious allegations of this nature must be supported by verified reports and sworn testimony to ensure that accountability and justice are properly served.
  2. Misuse of Institutional Symbols: Tagging UP and using its logo and institutional symbols without prior approval in an unverified social media post making strong accusations unfairly drags UP Cebu’s name into the fray. We reserve the right to file appropriate charges, civil or criminal, against those who unnecessarily involve UP’s name under the guise of protecting animal welfare or righteous indignation.

The age of social media has spurred the urge toward virality, often at the cost of other people’s reputations and due process. There are established procedures within our legal system, and resorting to virality does not lead to the best outcomes for justice.

We have chosen not to reveal specific details of the social media post in question because we do not want to dignify it with any mention that might contribute to its virality. Our focus remains on addressing the matter responsibly and ensuring that due process is followed.

For any further inquiries or to report information related to this matter, please contact our Office of Student Affairs at [email protected] / (032) 232-8187 local 115.

Thank you.