FROM : ATTY. LIZA D. CORRO, Chancellor, UP Cebu
SUBJECT : Availability of new ADF Scanner and Heavy Duty Copier at the BAC Office, ADF scanners in other offices
Please be informed that we have assigned newly-purchased ADF Scanner and Heavy Duty Copier at the BAC Office following the guidelines as stated herein:

1. The use of these machines at the BAC office are strictly self-service. The BAC staff’s functions are solely related to BAC, end-users are requested to refrain from asking his/her assistance so s/he can concentrate on his/her main functions.

2. There is a user guide posted for the use of the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)-Scanner and the copier, kindly read them for your reference.

3. The users are advised to bring their own papers (for photocopying). The BAC Office will not supply papers for your use.

4. The maintenance and other consumables of these machines will be charged to OVCA. The OVCA is likewise responsible for procuring them (toner, developer and drum kit).

Other offices that have ADF scanners are: College of Social Sciences, College of Science, SPMO, Budget Office, Accounting Office and the Office of the Chancellor. These ADF scanners are to be made available to all users from other offices that need urgent scanning of multiple pages but self-service only.

For your information and guidance.