Dr. Dennis “Sio” Montera from the College of Communication, Art, and Design expresses the human emotion especially in this pandemic through art in two exhibits.

His first exhibit which is on-going in Cebu is titled “The Shape of Memory” located at the Qube Contemporary at A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City which will run until December 4.

It focuses on abstraction that focuses on harmonious form that follows feeling with encounters of swirls and quick jabs of paint.

“My approach is firmly grounded on formalism as a methodology of art. Form over content continues to be the guiding principle every time I stare into the void of a blank canvas,” said Montera.

The works are also seen with heavy layering and repeated gestural strokes. “Performed again several times until the ‘aha-moment’ arrives,” he added.

The second exhibit is titled “Existential Layers” which will open by tomorrow, October 22 at the Art Elaan Gallery in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Pasay City.

For this exhibit, Montera uses a distinct non-figurative process where it challenges the viewer to look into one’s personal existence as a key to prepare the self of uncertainties.

“The act of painting is regarded as a form of meditation to draw attention to the different layers of life and being conscious of it – while the elements in the composition are configured effortlessly at random,” his statement read.

“The Shape of Memory” and “Existential Layers” are Montera’s second and third solo exhibits for this year, respectively. Including both shows, he has already reached 27 exhibits.

The exhibits in Cebu and Manila are open to the public which are also in partnership with the University of the Philippines Cebu.