Defining Quality Higher Education in an Emerging Economy: A Case of Cebu, Philippines

Authors: Felix S. Aca-ac Jr., Isabelle Sofia M. Baes, Angela Gabrielle Balbuena, Divine Grace Cañon, Romina Pauline P. Justiniani, Ikecraig Jean Laoagan, and Tiffany Adelaine Tan


Amidst the current situation where everyone faces significant changes in all sorts of activities (teaching and learning, research, recreation, and even survival), all of us seek to sustain quality in everything we traditionally engage in. We also strive to pursue quality in the new endeavors we are about to partake as brought about by the recent events. Our 14th issue this June 2020 includes 10 articles crafted by esteemed authors during this time of transition to what everyone calls, “the new normal”. We emphasize that these articles represent the concept of quality amidst adversity. Themed as such, we categorize that the 10 articles present how authors sustain quality in the education domain, in the curriculum, in the process through pedagogy and tools, and what may be thought of as plans and activities within “the new normal”.

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