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Communication, Art, & Design

Instituted in 1981, the Communication Program has evolved to encompass communication and media disciplines that have emerged with digitization. The Fine Arts Program was founded in 1975. Its graduates promote the development of arts and culture as artists of various disciplines.


The School of Management intends to be the leading regional institutional resource for the training and development of decision-makers who are firmly grounded in our national culture and heritage, and who can be effective in a wide range of situations. 

Social Sciences

The present College of Social Sciences is headed by Dean Atty. Francis Michael C. Abad, LLM, with coordinators taking charge of the Political Science, Psychology and Master of Education programs, and a principal heading the High School program.


Composed of the Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Department of Computer Science, and the Mathematics and Statistics program, the college prides itself on being declared a CHED Center of Excellence in Information Technology and a Center of Development in Environmental Science.