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The Central Visayas Studies Center brings to you another session of research presentations. Join them on the dates below:

15 July 2021, 9:30AM

CVSC Virtual Presentation Day 1
Time: July 15, 2021; 9:30AM
Meeting ID: 881 5259 6518
Passcode: CVSCDAY1

Entrepreneurship from an emerging nation: A case study from Cebu, Philippines
by Prof. Ernesto Yap
Impact of E-Service Learning on Graduate Students’ Course Content, Personal and Professional Development, and Public Service
by Prof. Aurelio Vilbar

CVSC Virtual Presentation Day 2
Time: July 22, 2021; 9:30AM
Meeting ID: 890 6190 0941
Passcode: CVSCDAY2

Value Proposition Management in Provincial Art Milieus, Case Studies of Leading Cebu Visual Artists
by Prof. Dennis Montera
The Electoral System of the Philippines and Its Impact on Political Stability
by Prof. Zenaida Ligan-Ashburn
Non-intrusive Volumetric Flow Rate Measurement of a Free-Falling Water Stream
by Prof. Alvin Ray Yu

CVSC Virtual Presentation Day 3
Time: July 29, 2021; 9:30AM
Meeting ID: 881 7048 1265
Passcode: CVSCDAY3

The Efficacy of Statistical Ground for the Functionaries
by Prof. Nelia Ereno
Faith, Corruption and the Media: Inquirer.net’s Coverage of Religious Leaders” Responses to the Pork Barrel Scam
by Prof. Jason Baguia